Our Aims

InterBrosa S.L. distinguish characteristic is to provide tailor-made service to importers, and large retail groups. Our company’s aims are based on supplying quality wines at prices that are as competitive as possible. And we are an ambitious and innovative company, taking great care in the development of new brands.

Our Passion

InterBrosa S.L. has grown at a rapid pace over the past few years. Hard work, common sense and a keen nose for the rapidly changing wine world – these are the factors that have enabled the companions Michael Albertsen and Carmen Portillo to build up the company, since its establishment in 1999, to become one of the largest wine exporters in Spain.

Our Mission

InterBrosa S.L. places great store on being a reliable partner at every stage in the process of selling wine & spirits. We are able to give you expert advice and can assist in developing your own wine and brand/label. Our ambition is to be at the forefront of the customers’ minds when they buy wine. As provider of choice, the company carries a wide variety of own brand wines and brands supplied by principals.

Our Expertise

InterBrosa S.L. offers a good price/quality ratio which leaves you room for healthy profit margins. We maintain close contact with the market, and therefore always know the ins and outs of the Spanish wine trade. We constantly visit the wine-producing areas, where we keep the grape-growers up-to-date on the wishes and preferences of the market. In this way we remain actively involved in the entire procedure.

Who Are We

InterBrosa has been in the wine business for more than 15 years. Michael Albertsen, president at InterBrosa started in 1995 as purchase manager in a mayor wine company in Denmark and decided in 1999 to open his own company in Spain with his Spanish wife Carmen Portillo. Lately Michael´s and Carmen´s daughter Pernille Albertsen Portillo has joined the business.