Sales of private label brands are growing, and the category looks to be a significant portion of the market in the future. Many Distributors and Retailers are taking advantage of this opportunity to have control over their own brands and their margins.

Our Aims

InterBrosa´s aim is to provide our clients exactly the product they are looking for. We personalize each and every bottle after our clients specifications and needs, being a reliable partner at every stage of the branding.

We are Experts

Our company has over 15 years experience in creating and designing private brands for our customers around the world, as we have our own profesional design and branding department.

Branded to you

We assist you to locate the best wine after your needs, bottle, capsule, and all kinds of packaging. We design brands on bottled wines, spirits, Tetra-packs, bag-in-box and sparkling wines.

Below you can find a small selection of private brands designed for some of our clients.



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